Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, Lionel Oliva is pleased to bring a sport that will revolutionize the events of Second Life: Pogo Sticks and Landmines.

What you are looking at is a one-prim, low-lag landmine with enough oomph to send you sky-high, quite literally. Combined with the fun of being on a pogo stick (and I highly recommend this deluxe pogo over the freebies we offer) and mouselook, Pogo Sticks and Landmines will bring you and your friends from

to this in a moment's notice.
Pogo Sticks and Landmines is sponsored by Greer Larsen, Old Glory Sutlery, and Hall of Heroes. Do come by and give it a try... with a deluxe pogo, we think you won't... er... mine playing, and with the ASM-1000 sound system from KHE, you can blast mines with tunes from country to chillout and a lot more!

Events will be forthcoming and game officials are welcome to apply to Lionel Oliva. Business partners welcome. Bring your friends too and enjoy this unique Second Life opportunity at

SPECIAL EVENT! This coming Friday night we've got 600 prims free and we're dropping a TON of mines at Oliva Enterprises' 4096 for the SL-wide debut of Pogo Sticks and Landmines! Buy your stick at the door, there is a L$75 cover charge which goes 100% toward your pogo stick. Prizes will be announced and handed out!